I’m a Masters of Writing, Editing, and Publishing graduate from the University of Queensland, as well as a UQ Alumni Future Leader. My first short story, Heartstring, tells the tale of two gay men understanding one another in 1940s Brisbane. It’s informed by the research of Griffith University’s Yorick Smaal, and was published in Corella Press’s premier Crackle: WEP Anthology of Creative Writing in 2021.

I also have work in PASTEL Magazine and GULP!, QNews, and Frooty Magazine. I’ve written social media content for Queer Radio and 4ZZZ, and worked as an editor for UQ’s Semper Floreat in 2017.

I’ve a background in events management and community services working behind the scenes on Brisbane Queer Film Festival, Brisbane Writers Festival, and the Zine & Indie Comic Symposium. I’ve a knack for connecting people and identifying trends—often finding opportunities to flood joy into otherwise academic spaces.

I like to think of myself as a ‘dedicated consumer of queer media’ before all things. More than any other minority group, LGBTIQ+ folk develop their identities primarily through interactions with media, which often leaves us at the mercy of producers who borrow our stories without consultation and without us in mind as a target audience. In defiance, I proudly take it upon myself to disrupt this process by sharing beautiful, honest, #OwnVoice stories that explore our lived experiences.


Wolfram-Jaymes Keesing


Academic History

Masters of Writing, Editing, and Publishing
University of Queensland, 2021
– Student Partner with Young & Emerging Publishers Network
– Intern with UQ’s Corella Press
– Future Leader 2021 Recipient

Bachelor of Arts
University of Queensland, 2017
– Ext. Major in Writing
– Minors in Drama and Communication
– Editor with Semper Floreat
– President of UQ Poetry Symposium

Diploma of Community Welfare
Northpoint Institute of TAFE, 2006

Professional Aspirations

Book Seller

I’m well experienced in events management, copyediting, and content writing, but my immediate goal is to work somewhere I can utilise my interpersonal skills and contribute to a team.

Not listed below is eight years experience working in specialised liquor retail (BWS). This work involved extensive product research, stock and sales management, and cleaning/rotating displays.

‘Sensitivity’ Reader

As an avid consumer of queer media from the age of fourteen, as well as an engaged member of the LGBTIQ+ community, I offer a unique perspective on how our relationship to media has continued to evolve.

Combine this with my copyediting skills and understanding of genre, didactic potential, and consumer trends, and I can provide a detailed response to texts that explore queerness.

Shop Owner

Perhaps a dream too high, but I like to fantasise about one day running a coffee bookshop that specialises in queer media. Always have.

I remember walking into Hares & Hyenas (Melbourne) in my mid twenties and losing my mind. And I’ve since discovered The Bookshop Darlinghurst (Sydney) and Gay’s the Word (London) among others, which have done little to curb my enthusiasm.

Foster Parent

My ultimate dream is to find work that will allow me to be a parent. I recognise family as something that would bring me fulfillment in life, and I can’t imagine a greater goal than a good life.

I spent seven years in foster care as a child, so I understand that being a foster parent is… challenging. But I want to foster because I think I have what it takes to care for children with immediate needs.

Events Management

> Front of House Manager
(Sep 2019 – May 2022)
Coordinating volunteer teams and crowds across several venues, handling complaints and emergencies, and working with core BWF team to deliver a smooth festival.
> General Assistant
(Sep 2014 – Sep 2019)
Performing support roles as Wordplay support team leader and general assistant to core team, as well as assisting fellow volunteers and venue staff in running venues.

> Volunteer Coordinator
(Jan 2017 – Mar 2021)
Coordinating a roster of volunteers. Acting point-of-contact during the festival working with New Farm Cinemas, sponsors, and visiting film producers to maintain a tight session schedule. Managing sales via Eventbrite.

> Event Manager
(Feb 2014 – Aug 2017)
Delivering a two-day indie publishing festival with The Edge, SLQ. Over five years I managed PR and advertising, crowdfunding campaigns and funding applications, booked workshop facilitators and panellists, and coordinated our creator’s market.

Community Welfare

> Ally Training Facilitator
(Oct 2020 – Apr 2021)
Delivering training on workplace inclusivity to corporate businesses, universities, and community organisations.

> Peer Support Worker
(Jul 2019 – Nov 2020)
Primarily referring guests to health and financial support services while helping to facilitate monthly community events.
> Wendybirder
(Jan 2016 – Jul 2019)
Volunteering to help deliver monthly community events as part of a team.

> Radio Announcer
(Sep 2016 – Sep 2017)
Managed social media and sourced information during the show. Occasionally operated audio equipment.

Writing & Publishing

> Content Writer
(Jun 2019 – Present)
Researching Australian LGBTIQ+ events, conducting interviewing, and writing articles for web and print.

> Author
(October 2021)
My first short story, Heartstring, was published in Corella Press’s premier Cackle: WEP Anthology of Creative Writing.
> Publishing Intern
(Feb 2020 – Oct 2020)
Acquired, edited, and published Dorothy Blewett’s Death of a Nom De Plume, published October 25th, 2020.
> Student Partner
(Jun 2018 – Dec 2018)
Established the Young and Emerging Publishers Network, and assisted in launching Corella Press.

> Content Writer
(Jun 2018 – Aug 2019)
Researching Australian LGBTIQ+ events, conducting interviewing, and writing articles for web and print.

> Research Assistant
(Nov 2018 – Dec 2018)
Compiling research sources into a database, fact checking notes, and generating a bibliography for Kim Wilkins’s Genre Worlds project.

> Sub Editor
(Dec 2016 – Dec 2017)
Part of the editorial team for Semper Floreat, 2017: UQ’s Student Union magazine.

Earlier Work

I started my first proper job when I was thirteen: working in a water park as their cleaner and suited mascot. Between fourteen and seventeen, I worked three jobs across fast food and retail concurrently, then left these at nineteen to work as a nightclub bouncer and pursue a career in Community Welfare.

I worked across homeless support and disability respite, but was consistently fired once employers discovered I was gay. By 2007 I’d started working in liquor retail to supplement my income, and soon conceded Community Welfare as politicians continued to strip non-religious organisations of their funding. There just wasn’t any work.

I stayed with liquor retail until deciding to pursue Publishing in 2013.



Jun 13 – Salon Reader – Nigel Featherstone: My Heart is a Little Wild Thing

Jan 12 – Radio Guest – Queer Radio Brisbane


Dec 11 – Graduate – Master of Writing, Editing, and Publishing at University of Queensland

Dec 06 – Recipient – UQ Alumni Future Leaders: Welcome

Nov 23 – Panelist – Non Fiction NOW!: Creating Publishing Opportunities for Emerging Writers

Oct 28 – Contributing Author – Launch Night for Crackle: WEP Anthology of Creative Writing, Corella Press


Oct 25 – Editor – Launch Night for Dorothy Blewett’s Death of a Nom De Plume, Corella Press


Mar 01 – Radio Guest – Queering the Air: Queer Zine Culture w/ Frank Candiloro & Emily_N3v3r

Feb 08-09 – Tableholder – Sticky Institute’s Festival of the Photocopier


Dec 06 – Podcast Guest – Sexuali-Tea: V for Vendetta (2005)

Nov 22-24 – Volunteer – GenreCon 2019 @ QWC

Oct 26 – Panellist – Real Zine Publishers of Brisbane @ Ruckusfest

Sep 13 – Stage Manager – Wendybird 5th Anniversary Fundraiser Gala

Aug 08 – Facilitator – Micah Projects Zine Workshop @ Lotus Place

Jul 13 – Zine Librarian – International Non-Binary Day @ Clarence’s Corner

Jul 01 – Podcast Guest – YEPCast S01E05

Apr 13 – Panelist – GULP! @ Brisbane Sci-Fi Theatre Festival

Mar 12 – Contributor – GULP! Issue One Launch

Feb 10 – Facilitator – Queer Pals Zine Tour w/ Nick Henderson @ AQuA

Feb 09 – Tableholder – Sticky Institute’s Festival of the Photocopier

Feb 07 – Facilitator – Queer Pals (un)Socialites Zine Night w/ Concrete Queers

Jan 30 – Panelist – Queer As Film Club: Mean Girls w/ The Russo Test and Here We Queer


Nov 22 – Facilitator – QSpace Zine Workshop @ Southport Library

Nov 08 – Contributor – PASTEL Issue 4 Launch

Oct 30 – Event Manager – YEP Australia & Corella Press Launch

Oct 18 – Radio Guest – Queer Radio Brisbane

Sep 26 – Facilitator – Queer Literature Night w/ Brisbane Pride @ Avid Reader Bookshop

Sep 22 – Wendybirder – Brisbane Pride Festival

Sep 01 – Wendybirder – Trailblazers Podcast Launch

July 14 – Zine Librarian – International Non-Binary Day @ Betty’s Espresso

Jun 08 – Tableholder – Comic Street AU

May 13 – Zine Librarian – Not Of This Earth Zine Market @ UQ Art Museum

Feb 10-11 – Tableholder – Sticky Institute’s Festival of the Photocopier

Feb 10 – Facilitator – Queer Pals Zine Tour w/ Nick Henderson @ AQuA

Feb 09 – Facilitator – Queer Pals Zine Launch w/ Concrete Queers @ Sticky Institute

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